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“The more I am getting to know Dadaab town, the more I am realizing that a place which to the Western eye may seem nothing more than a bunch of shacks all selling the same thing, is actually quite a commercial and social center. The town is a direct off-spring from the relief operation and starts right outside the compound fence.”


Flore Hiensch

Dadaab, Kenya

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Flore Hiensch sought opportunities for displaced people throughout her career. Flore Foundation continues her endeavor by enabling refugees to achieve a self-sustaining livelihood.

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Flore Foundation partners with private and public organizations to identify social enterprises benefitting refugees and provide financial grants and mentorship. Your contribution will directly fund a grant recipient. 

Together We Will Support Refugees' Pursuit of Economic Independence

We are interested in partnering with organizations to identify social enterprises that benefit refugees. We offer grants to meet financial needs combined with mentorship support from experienced professionals. Grant recipients can build a sustainable business that will enhance his or her community. 

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