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Sêv Gallery & Daisy Boutique

Together with Five One Labs, Flore Foundation granted Sêv Gallery and Daisy Boutique funding to grow their businesses. These entrepreneurs face challenges that their male counterparts do not. Yet, they continue to contribute to their community in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

A partnership between Five One Labs and Flore Foundation empowers women refugee entrepreneurs in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. Together we support two entrepreneurs that previously completed the Five One Labs Female Founders Fellowship program.

Sêv Gallery, owned by Znara Ahmed, an artist, originally from Syria, focused her career on ceramics. She served as faculty at the Art Institute in Damascus. After moving to the Kurdistan Region as a refugee, she became the executive manager of Kurdistan Little Village, supervising an art program for children. She identified a need in her new community and responded by opening Sêv Gallery. According to the Kurdistan Regional Government in 2019, this region of 1.5 million people live as refugees and internally displaced people where everyone is touched by war. Znara recognized the impact that art has on such survivors as a medium for healing and relationship building.

Likewise, owner of Daisy Boutique, Zainab Akram Mohammed, escaped conflict first in Baghdad and then Mosul, finally settling in the Kurdistan Region. As fashion designer, she sought to create a store called Daisy Boutique in her new home. She noticed women's clothing was mostly imported and local fashion designers did not have an outlet. For this reason her business model focuses on selling goods from local merchants, affording young women access to appealing designs. Through this market access initiative, Zainab expands economic opportunities for others in the region.

The grant from Flore Foundation enables growth for both of these entrepreneurs. Sêv Gallery will use the funds to purchase additional potters wheels, increasing the number and volume of classes. Znara will expand her ability to serve children and the impact of art critical to healing and expanding learning. Zainab plans to use the Flore Foundation funds to improve her skills in social media marketing and expand her brand. With her presence online, developing in this area is of the utmost importance to increase market share and her customer base.



Sêv Gallery serves additional students


Daisy Boutique initiatives to increase market access


Five One Labs investment in women entrepreneurs from Iraq and Syria

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