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Beautiful Day Youth Training Program

Beautiful Day serves resettled refugees in Rhode Island teaching job skills that lead to gainful employment. In November 2021 a new cohort of youth trainees began and Flore Foundation awarded a grant to fund a portion of the program. With impressive outcomes, Flore Foundation continues supporting this program in 2022.

Beautiful Day began in 2008 when friends sought to increase employment opportunities for refugees in Rhode Island. What better way than by making granola. Each facet of the business affords training and skill development for employees who are resettled refugees. Through their work they encounter experiences to share their culture and deepen roots in their new community. They manufacture and sell granola at local farmers markets and online. 


A few years ago, Beautiful Day leaders recognized that refugee youth would benefit greatly from similar yet age appropriate programming. As a result, the organization began a pilot to train youth in a classroom setting and through internships. The following summer all of the youth went on to find summer jobs locally. Beautiful Day prepares these individuals for the workforce beyond high school. They recognize the nuance that comes with being new to America and the important role these youth play in their families. One of the unique attributes of Beautiful Day is their focus on cultural exchange and creating an environment where youth may develop new friendships with native peers. 

In 2021 the Refugee Training Program expanded significantly due to an increase in demand. The grant from Flore Foundation will provide a refugee youth a stipend while a part of the training program. Benefits of the program include building confidence across a variety of disciplines, including English, learning customer service skills and American workplace etiquette. 

With the success of the 2021-2022 cohort, Flore Foundation is proud to award a second grant to Beautiful Day to support the 2022-2023 youth cohort.


15 refugees youth in the 2021-22 cohort and 20 youth in the 2022-23 cohort

45% increased in sales in 2021

3 hours/week classroom learning and 5 hours/week experiential

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