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Sunshine Girl

Our precious friend and family member, Flore, spent her life living it to the fullest. She touched us in ways that are so personal. I noticed that she is the friend who you just want to be around. She never wanted to be the center of attention or in the public eye. Nevertheless, when she was present, people were drawn to her. She was understated, yet magnetic. Perhaps it was the way she cared for people and truly listened. Or maybe it was her fun-loving nature emanating kindness in every action. Our world is not the same place it was 5 years ago when it was forever changed. I miss that soft, sweet voice who would always reach out when I needed it most.

"Flore was a sunshine girl. She couldn't get used to the continental European rain and grey skies. In my memories, she's always in a t-shirt and her signature capri pants, sunglasses on her head and ready to walk to the next beach in her flip flops. Flore was also a fish. We spent hours just floating in the water, talking (or not), enjoying the silver liquid around us, diving to see what's beneath and soaking up the warmth of the sun reflecting on the water's surface. On this day in November, however cold and grey it may be, I'll spend some precious moments with Flore in the sun and I'm very sure we'll also take a refreshing swim."

– Sabine Wilke in Dakar, Senegal

Recently, I have been reflecting on how each of us are influenced by our own experience. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our history shapes our views and actions. Sometimes we are lucky enough to encounter another who can influence us for the better. Often we do not recognize the transformation that happens within us until much later. I am truly blessed to call that “sunshine girl” friend.

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