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Remembering Flore

I am so grateful for my relationship with Flore. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about our friendship. When I tell people about Flore Foundation, I find myself sharing tidbits about my dear friend. I tell people about her work, how she sought a position across the world because she wanted to work directly on human rights issues where people were left destitute. I remember the day Flore told me about her move to Daadab. Yes, she was apprehensive at the thought of living in a remote location without friends or family to go home to at night. However, she did not hesitate for a moment. This was the opportunity that she had worked so hard to achieve. She was moving to the “edge of the earth”.

I am thankful for the time we had to discuss human rights issues. Flore’s education combined with first-hand knowledge of refugee crises brought a sense of reality to the discussion about policy prescriptions and humanitarian response. She embodied a perspective that was selfless and rooted in equality. Flore envisioned a safe and welcoming society that embraced people who fled war-torn communities. During her day-to-day interactions with displaced people she listened to personal tragedy and imparted hope for a brighter future. Flore believed that dignity is a human right and did her part to restore self-worth to refugees and asylum seekers. Our world is fortunate to have received Flore’s acts of kindness.

We each have a story to share about Flore. She touched all of us in a unique way. Today we celebrate the life of this amazing person who left her mark on all of us.

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